Intergenerational analysis of ancestral citizenship in Europe (2024 – 2027)

The project analyses the ramifications of ancestral citizenship acquisitions (specifically based on claims of co-ethnicity and bloodline) on the notion of citizenship and on legal mobility across the European Union, with cases in Bulgaria, Italy and Germany.
Scientific coordination: Melissa Blanchard (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS)
Funding: Volkswagen Foundation

PretAg. Pesticide Reduction for Tropical Agricultures (2023 – 2025)

The project aims to document, test and implement strategies to reduce the use of pesticides in the South. Coordinated by the CIRAD, the initiative brings together 14 research units and their partners across the South.
Scientific coordination: Eve Bureau-Point (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS)
Funding: Agropolis Fondation / Fondation FARM

Territory Reconfiguration and Media Ecosystem in Pima County. Tensions between Industrial Transition, Environment and Health (2022 – 2023)

Scientific coordination: Brigitte Juanals (Centre Norbert Elias/Aix-Marseille Université)


Se tenir quelque part sur la Terre. Comment parler des lieux qu'on aime ? – Joëlle Zask

Premier Parallèle, 2023.

Le berceau des dominations (new edition) – Dorothée Dussy

Introduction by Charlotte Pudlowski, Pocket, 2021.

Nations, privilèges et ethnicité. Le banat habsbourgeois : un laboratoire politique aux confins de l’Europe éclairée - Benjamin Landais

Association Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, collection Les mondes germaniques, 580 pages, 2023.

Château Pékin. La France, le vin, la Chine – Boris Pétric

Le Bruit du monde, mai 2022.

PhD thesis

Becoming a footballer. Recruitment, education and professionnal integration of a sporting elite in France and Germany - Yacine Amenna

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Boris Pétric

The embarrassing ivory : an ethnography of the values of ivory as material from France to Hong Kong - Claire Bouillot

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Boris Pétric

Media and freedom of expression’s conquest in the contemporary public sphere in Tunisia: forms of media regulation in a period of democratic transition (2011-2021) - Hajer Tlili

Graduate school: Aix-Marseille University
Discipline: Information science
Supervisor: Brigitte Juanals

Patriarchal Constraints in Migration : gendered Experience of Japanese Immigrants/Expatriates in France - Miyako Hayakawa

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Dorothée Dussy

Calls and job offers

Post doctoral position: Ancestral Citizenship Acquisition project

Centre Norbert Elias (Marseille) is recruiting a researcher in social sciences (three-year contract) to join the team of the new collaborative project called “Un-making the Past, Making the Future: an intergenerational analysis of ancestral citizenship and visions of Europe”, conducted by researchers based in France, Germany and the Netherlands.
Deadline: March 1st, 2024.

Call for papers for the de journal Études de communication n° 63. “The Artwork and Its Digitized Image: Representation, Production, Documentation”

Coordination: Nicolas Navarro (UR AAP/University of Liège) and Lise Renaud (Centre Norbert Elias – UMR 8562/Avignon University).
Deadline: October 15, 2023

Call for papers for the conference “The pesticide industry under the gaze of the social sciences” (Paris, March 2024)

4th conference of the SHS-Pesticides network, to be held in March 2024 in Aubervilliers (Campus Condorcet).
Deadline for receipt of proposals : October 31, 2023