The Centre Norbert Elias gathers researchers from different disciplines, all of whom are convinced that the humanities and social sciences form a whole. The laboratory is located on the EHESS Marseille campus at the Vieille Charité and on the Hannah Arendt campus at Avignon University. It brings together 40 researchers, more than 80 PhD students and a 10-person-strong support team working on the analysis and description of social worlds.
Hailing from different intellectual trajectories, the researchers’ interests span multiple sociological and historical theories and references. They share a conception of the social sciences in which inquiry, both in the archives and the field, is an essential characteristic. Intertwined with this is a unwavering attention to forms of description.
Over the next four years (2019-2022), research will focus on the following four themes: 1) places of politics, 2) kinship and family, 3) ecologies and care, and 4) forms and processes of culture.

Featured projects

Communication and environmental controversies on the Rosemont mining project (Arizona, United States)

Scientific coordination: Brigitte Juanals (CNE/Aix-Marseille Université)

Funding: APR 2020 LabEx DRIIHM

Containment and health measures to limit the transmission of Covid 19 (2020-2022)

General coordination: Marc Egrot (LPED/IRD)
Coordination for the Centre Norbert Elias: Sandrine Musso (CNE/AMU)
Funding: ANR, REACTing

Knowledge network on mining encounters and indigenous sustainable livelihoods (2017-2023)

General coordination: Thierry Rodon (Université de Laval)
Coordination for the Centre Norbert Elias: Christine Demmer (CNE/CNRS)
Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Antropologia delle imprese. Lavoro, reti, merci – Valeria Siniscalchi et al.

Carocci editore, 2021

antiDATA, la désobéissance numérique. Art et hacktivisme technocritique – Jean-Paul Fourmentraux

Les presses du réel, 2020

At the edge of kinship. Margins in contempory kinship studies – Anaïs Martin, Manon Vialle, et al (dir.)

Émulations. Revue de sciences humaines, n°32, April 2020

Latest thesis

Contemporary art and new digital labs – Quentin Destieu

Graduate school: Aix-Marseille University
Discipline: Theory of art
Supervisors: Jean-Paul Fourmentraux and Emmanuel Guez

Clément Tarantini - The risk of infection in light of actor practices. An anthropology « from below » of infectious risk management in hospital.

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisors: Yannick Jaffré et Patrick Peretti-Watel

Raw food carriers reveal individuals’ regime of autonomy – Solenn Thircuir

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Sociology
Supervisor: Emmanuel Pedler