COESO – Mutual Learning and Transmedia Writing (2021 – 2023)

Scientific coordination: Véronique Bénéï (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS) and Camilo Leon Quijano (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS)
Funding: H2020-Swafs (Science with and for society)

PretAg. Pesticide Reduction for Tropical Agricultures (2023 – 2025)

Scientific coordination: Eve Bureau-Point (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS)
Funding: Agropolis Fondation / Fondation FARM

Territory Reconfiguration and Media Ecosystem in Pima County. Tensions between Industrial Transition, Environment and Health (2022 – 2023)

Scientific coordination: Brigitte Juanals (Centre Norbert Elias/Aix-Marseille Université)

Knowledge network on mining encounters and indigenous sustainable livelihoods (2017 – 2023)

Coordination for the Centre Norbert Elias: Christine Demmer (CNE/CNRS)
Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Quand la forêt brûle Penser la nouvelle catastrophe écologique (new edition) – Joëlle Zask

Premier Parallele, 2nd ed., 2022.
(Première ed. 2019, prix Pétrarque 2020, réédition poche 2022.)

Le berceau des dominations (new edition) – Dorothée Dussy

Introduction by Charlotte Pudlowski, Pocket, 2021.

Château Pékin. La France, le vin, la Chine – Boris Pétric

Le Bruit du monde, mai 2022.

Naissance et fonctionnement de la police au Somaliland. Ethnographie d’un commissariat de police urbain - Axelle Djama

L’Harmattan, 2021.

Aesthetic Perceptions of Urban Environments – Arundhati Virmani (ed.)

Routledge, 2021.

Antropologia delle imprese. Lavoro, reti, merci – Valeria Siniscalchi et al.

Carocci editore, 2021.

PhD thesis

The embarrassing ivory : an ethnography of the values of ivory as material from France to Hong Kong - Claire Bouillot

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Boris Pétric

Media and freedom of expression’s conquest in the contemporary public sphere in Tunisia: forms of media regulation in a period of democratic transition (2011-2021) - Hajer Tlili

Graduate school: Aix-Marseille University
Discipline: Information science
Supervisor: Brigitte Juanals

Patriarchal Constraints in Migration : gendered Experience of Japanese Immigrants/Expatriates in France - Miyako Hayakawa

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Dorothée Dussy

Receiving foreigners in France and in Chile: an ethnographic and dramaturgical sketch of historical traumas – Charlotte Grégoreski

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisors: Véronique Bénéï et María Emilia Tijoux


International conference "Families and kinship in the face of environmental upheaval", Marseille, June 5, 2023

The event aims to draw the threads of the thematic and disciplinary stakes of the study of families and kinship in the face of environmental upheavals and Transition policies.
Under the scientific coordination of Pierre-Yves Wauthier (Centre Norbert Elias/EHESS) and Florence Weber (Centre Maurice Halbwachs – INES/ENS axis).

Call for papers for the conference “The pesticide industry under the gaze of the social sciences” (Paris, March 2024)

4th conference of the SHS-Pesticides network, to be held in March 2024 in Aubervilliers (Campus Condorcet).
Deadline for receipt of proposals : Monday, September 11, 2023