Featured projects

COESO – Mutual Learning and Transmedia Writing

Scientific coordination: Véronique Bénéï (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS) and Camilo Leon Quijano (Centre Norbert Elias/CNRS)
Funding: H2020-Swafs (Science with and for society)

Knowledge network on mining encounters and indigenous sustainable livelihoods (2017-2023)

Coordination for the Centre Norbert Elias: Christine Demmer (CNE/CNRS)
Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Communication and environmental controversies on the Rosemont mining project (Arizona, United States)

Scientific coordination: Brigitte Juanals (CNE/Aix-Marseille Université)
Funding: APR 2020 LabEx DRIIHM


Château Pékin. La France, le vin, la Chine – Boris Pétric

Le Bruit du monde, mai 2022.

Aesthetic Perceptions of Urban Environments – Arundhati Virmani (ed.)

Routledge, 2021.

Antropologia delle imprese. Lavoro, reti, merci – Valeria Siniscalchi et al.

Carocci editore, 2021.

PhD thesis

Receiving foreigners in France and in Chile: an ethnographic and dramaturgical sketch of historical traumas – Charlotte Grégoreski

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisors: Véronique Bénéï et María Emilia Tijoux

Patriarchal Constraints in Migration : gendered Experience of Japanese Immigrants/Expatriates in France - Miyako Hayakawa

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Dorothée Dussy

Sensory Ethnography from Practice to Theory. A Reflection on the Thresholds of Documentary Cinema, 
Art and Anthropological Knowledge - Jeff D. Silva

Graduate school: EHESS
Discipline: Anthropology
Supervisor: Boris Pétric