[Visite annulée en raison des conditions sanitaires]

Maria Teresa Guerrini since 2008 has been professor at the University of Bologna and now she teaches Early modern history, History, society and Family and History of universities and institutions of higher education in early modern age. After the degree in Literature and Philosophy (1998, University of Ferrara), she spent lot of years working on different projects (CISUI, ASFE, FASTI, Heloise) about the presence of scholars and teachers in the European universities (2004, PhD in Modern and Contemporary History), studying also the careers of doctors in law (2004-2008, post-doctoral grant, University of Bologna). From 2015 she is director of the MEUS (European Museum of Students) in Bologna. Her current research topics have shifted to the history of Italian academies, dealing in particular with the circles set up by university masters and students and the close relations between Italian academies and doctors in early modern age.

Maria Teresa Guerrini is invited to the Centre Norbert Elias by Jean Boutier.